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“The Seasons Initiative” is an initiative which started as a result of efforts to create an avenue of relief for today’s youth and young adults through inspirational and mental health seminars, concerts, educational reforms, sponsorships and mentoring. The Seasons Initiative as a Christ-Centered initiative whose main goal is to provide sponsorship and mentorship to thriving youth and young adults for them to be successful in life. Currently the initiative has supported 7 young adults from high school through college and has mentored them to be able to give back to others by sharing their stories. The concept of SEASONS derive from the bible passage that describes the different seasons (metaphorically), encouraging believers to still press on regardless of their challenges in life. Inasmuch as nothing is guaranteed, there is always hope and a positive future in Christ. SEASONS has the aspiration to go global with its initiative in reaching out to the diaspora. Its short term goal is to reach out to immediate underprivileged societies and help in assisting in education reforms and sponsorship programs. During this period the initiative intends to go through the necessary legalities on registering as a 501 C-3 organization. The mid term goal for the initiative (1yr-5yrs) is to establish a base office in the US with satellite offices worldwide to help expand the vision of the initiative. At this point, growth and stability in our programs should be at a steady rate, as well as the network of the initiative. Our long term goal (after 5yrs) is the induction of its executives and trustees, as well as a functional working team to move this initiative as a global benchmark and inspiration. At his point churches, institutions and governments will be in collaboration with the initiative as a necessity.