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World biggest gospel musical concert!

Africa multiple award winning International Gospel singer-songwriter, Founder and Lead Pastor of The Rockhill Church, Atlanta,Georgia- Sonnie Badu is an influential figure in African Gospel music and the world at large. He is known for his work as a philanthropist, businessman, motivational speaker, and author, and for his long-running success as a musician. Over the years the renowned Dr. Sonnie Badu has been honoured with several awards for his philanthropist work across the world. From donating to homeless children, providing support to widows, helping develop schools in remote areas and to the building of orphanages. All these resulting from a promise he made to God for honouring him.

“The Seasons Initiative” is an initiative which started as a result of efforts to create an avenue of relief for today’s youth and young adults through inspirational and mental health seminars, concerts, educational reforms, sponsorships and mentoring. The Seasons Initiative as a Christ-Centered initiative whose main goal is to provide sponsorship and mentorship to thriving youth and young adults for them to be successful in life. Currently the initiative has supported 7 young adults from high school through college and has mentored them to be able to give back to others by sharing their stories. The concept of SEASONS derive from the bible passage that describes the different seasons (metaphorically), encouraging believers to still press on regardless of their challenges in life. Inasmuch as nothing is guaranteed, there is always hope and a positive future in Christ.

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    Denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system actual teachings.

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    The Invasion

    In line with this vision we are elated to be hosting the "THE INVASION”, an annual gospel musical concert whose aim is not only geared towards bringing people from all echelons of society to honor God through worship in Spirit and in truth but also creates an avenue which through the partnership between the Sonnie Badu Ministries and Seasons Initiative will help foster the aspiration to go global with its initiative in reaching out to the diaspora.